Swimming Great Crested Grebe

 great crested grebe

Here is a photo of a great crested grebe. I cropped the photo quite a bit and it resulted in quality loss, but I wanted to show this bird anyway. I find them quite funny, because they do basically look like the punks under the birds. If you like to take a look, here is another photo of this species. I can’t await the warmer season, to get out again and to maybe take new bird photos. This winter I wasn’t really in the mood to go hiking or to do photography, but it’s usually anyway more the time where I enjoy PC games or other things. But as I mentioned in a previous post, I’d like to get into spring mood as soon as the time has come, it’s just a more interesting time for photography.

2 thoughts on “Swimming Great Crested Grebe

    1. True, when I was in Reinfeld, there was this quite large pond (more in the size of a lake)…. it was divided in two sections, the middle was rather narrow and at that point was a bridge. I liked that bridge because the water was not deep below it and the water was clear, and you could even see the ground… so, I often watched these grebes dive like pros 🙂 They did even hunt the fishes and often came up to the surface with a fish catched with the beak. But what fascinated me more was that they could dive for quite a long time. It did in fact often happen that they dived down, but they never came up again where I was standing… that means they can dive quite some distances. To be funny now, I think they are hybrids of birds and fishes 😀

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