A Great Crested Grebe Photo


Here is a photo of a great crested grebe, you can learn more about the bird on Wikipedia. It’s easy to find them in Germany, and when you see one, there is a hight chance that you can watch them hunting for fish. They are great divers, and you often see them with a fish in the beak when they come up to the surface. In Germany they have a funny name, we call them “Haubentaucher”, literally translated it means something like “Hood diver”, where the “Hood” refers to the funny “hairstyle” of the bird I guess.

5 thoughts on “A Great Crested Grebe Photo

    1. They are not from the same family, but I get your point, they do definitely have some similarities. The head is very similar I think. Yes, both the crested grebe and cormorants know how to catch fishes 🙂

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