How To Redeem A Steam Game Code With The Steam Client



In this article you will learn how to redeem a Steam key with the Steam client. The article is written for people who have Steam already installed on their system, but who are unsure how they can activate their purchased or gifted Steam codes. So, let’s take a look to learn how to redeem Steam keys.

How To Redeem A Game Key In Steam

  1. Start the Steam client and pay attention to the menu at the top
  2. Open the menu called “Games” by clicking on it
  3. Click on the menu entry called “Activate a Product on Steam”
  4. The product activation window opens, read everything and go through it
  5. At the end you can insert your product code and start downloading the game

Last Words

I hope this guide helped you to understand how to activate your game keys in Steam. As you noticed, the whole process is very easy. If you do experience any problems check the Steam server status, because sometimes certain Steam servers can be offline due to maintenance. If that’s the case, just try to redeem your game code at a later point again. Drop a comment if you have any questions or if you want to add additional information’s in the comment section. Otherwise, happy gaming!

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