Taking A Picture of Someone Taking A Picture

Sometimes I walk around with my mother too. She is not hiking the miles I usually do, but she likes to walk through the nature too. But sometimes we just walk through the local parks to have a chat. This is what happened in the picture above. My mother likes to take pictures with her phone, like in the image above where she wanted to take a picture of a swan in a local pond. I thought it would be funny to take a picture of someone taking a picture (laugh). As you can see, we could get pretty close … Continue reading Taking A Picture of Someone Taking A Picture

Baltic Sea Swans

Here is a snapshot that I shot sometime ago when I hiked somewhere between Timmendorfer Strand and Travem√ľnde. I saw two swans playing in the Baltic Sea water. It’s both amazing, when they land or when they take off. I always though they are pretty playful, in Reinfeld for example I was standing on a bridge and some swans flew over my head as if they wanted to show their flying skills. This together with the white plumage makes them look majestic. There are more photos of swans on my blog if you like to see some other images. Continue reading Baltic Sea Swans

Very Beautiful Swan

I am still not in the mood to go hiking, mainly because it was bitter cold outside over the last days. But I was pretty slow with my blog this month, and I really don’t want to get used to the laziness and looked through my photo library to see if I can at least share some older photos. I found a photo of a white swan, and while I do already have similar photos on my blog, I thought this one was worth to upload too. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Very Beautiful Swan

Experimental Swan Photo

I like swan photos and above you can see one that I a while ago. However, there was so much wrong with the original image that I tried to fix all the issues. The image is heavily edited and I think the result is interesting. The main problem was that I had difficulties to make adjustments, because either the swan looked great or the water, but not both together. It was difficult to make everything look great together and I started to think that I have to make individual changes. Lazy as I am, I made initial changes to the … Continue reading Experimental Swan Photo

About Kit Lenses And A Swan Close-Up Photo

I found this swan photo while I browsed through my Lightroom catalog. I shot the photo by the end of the last year when I only owned the Nikon 18-105mmm kit lens and when I was starting out with DSLR photography. The photo was taken at 105mm but the swan was close to the waterside. I like this close-up shot, I just cropped the image slightly and sharpened the image a bit. Even if it’s not my only lens anymore, I won’t forget how the Nikon 18-105mm helped me to learn about my camera and what focal lengths actually mean … Continue reading About Kit Lenses And A Swan Close-Up Photo