Running Up A Tree

Eurasian treecreeper

It seems I shot a photo of an Eurasian treecreeper, that’s at least what I found out during my research and when I compared the results with my photo. I saw this kind of bird quite often since I am in Reinfeld. I usually see them near the pond at the trees, and it almost looks like they run up trees. If my research is right, then it would fit, because the German name for the Eurasian treecreeper is “Waldbaumläufer”, which means something like “Forest Tree Runner”, literally translated. As said, they really run up trees, and I wouldn’t even call it climbing. They are pretty cute in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Running Up A Tree

  1. These birds are common in Idaho too. They are indeed cute as they run up and down a tree. They eat bugs and tree parasites that live into and under the bark.

    1. That’s interesting Vera, good that you know them too. When I saw them, I thought too they are searching for little insects in the moss on the tree and under the bark. It’s really funny to watch them running up and down, or flying to the next tree. 🙂

  2. It’s a very cute bird! I think we have a variety of creeper here but I’ve never seen one run up a tree. It seems like they would be a fun bird to watch!

    1. Yes, the path where I found them, I basically couldn’t go home, because it was way too much fun to watch the birds and to try to get some decent photos 🙂

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