A Sparrow Searching For Prey


I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the last weeks, but as I mentioned often, this is not really a problem because my backlog is still huge. In this post I want to show you a bird photo again, and I am sure it should be a sparrow. I assume it is a female house sparrow but now I go out on a limb, because I am not really an ornithology expert. It seems the bird searched for insects and found gnats. It could even be that the bird searched the prey to feed the own fledglings, because it looks as if the bird would collect and carry the prey.

4 thoughts on “A Sparrow Searching For Prey

  1. Looks like a female House Sparrow to me, we have many in our back yard.. I’ve seen them catch an insect in mid-air, very neat.

    1. Thank you, I am always not completely sure and it’s interesting that you think too that this is a female house sparrow. Birds are definitely artists in the air and good hunters!

  2. What an excellent photo, Dennis! 🙂 I like the blurred background and with the reduced colors and the kind of tree it looks a bit asian. I rarely shoot with larger tele lenses. Maybe i should..?

    1. Thank you Marco, I am glad you like this one. I just started to shoot with a tele lens at the beginning of 2016, but I started on a low budget. I purchased the Tamron 70-300mm at that time. When I helped my uncle in Reinfeld, I noticed in my free time that the area was perfect to watch small and big birds, and I did a quick research on low budget tele lenses and ended up with this lens.

      Since we talked about summer on your blog, that’s maybe one point why I am sad about the summer end, because the lens is F/4-5.6 and now starts a time where it gets more difficult to work with this lens.

      I definitely would give it a try, but as always in photography, tele photography can be addictive too 🙂 I am already starting to think about saving for a faster prime lens plus teleconverters, but it hurts to see the lens prices. For now, I am really happy with what I can achieve with my Tamron lens.

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