Yawning Cat

It’s that time again, I have to push one of Shyna’s photos in front of your eyes again. In this photo she is yawning, I am always happy when I can freeze the time with my camera when she is doing this. She is probably my most photographed subject, I like to take photos of her and can’t stop that. I have already a huge library filled with photos of her. But I guess every person owned by a cat does this. Probably every person owned by a pet in general. Continue reading Yawning Cat

Tired Kitty

Life is so much better if you don’t have to wear a lampshade, that’s what Shyna probably thought when I removed it from her neck. But she did a good job, because she became used to the lampshade quickly, as same as she was ok with the daily rituals of applying an ointment to her wound. The wounds disappeared and the fur grew back, and it also seems that she doesn’t have itching anymore. So, let’s celebrate this with a new photo of my cat Shyna. We shot the photo yesterday, I saw her lying tired on the couch and … Continue reading Tired Kitty

Summer Laziness

I think I mentioned it quite often on my blog in the past. I really dislike too warm weather. Not that I dislike summer but I really prefer it if it´s not too warm. We had some rainy days over the last week or days that were not too warm but from one day to the other the weather changed drastically and now it is hot, really hot and the air moisture is maddening. It makes me tired, lazy, exhausted, I´m totally annoyed by too hot weather. This is what I mean, I like summer but I dislike to live … Continue reading Summer Laziness