Tired Kitty


Life is so much better if you don’t have to wear a lampshade, that’s what Shyna probably thought when I removed it from her neck. But she did a good job, because she became used to the lampshade quickly, as same as she was ok with the daily rituals of applying an ointment to her wound. The wounds disappeared and the fur grew back, and it also seems that she doesn’t have itching anymore. So, let’s celebrate this with a new photo of my cat Shyna. We shot the photo yesterday, I saw her lying tired on the couch and it looked cute and I took a photo. I hope it makes you smile.

5 thoughts on “Tired Kitty

    1. Thank you. Looks like her behaviour of licking the fur bald until there was a wound on the skin, was indeed just caused by an inner itching due to the full anal glands that the vet noticed. At first I questioned it, but since the vet emptied it manually, and since using the lampshade and ointment, the problem indeed disappeared. She doesn’t lick the fur balt anymore, and there is no new wound from the licking. I am glad that it was just this, the vet said if it wouldn’t stop, it could be an allergy as well… that would have been worse. But I am still scratching my head and still can’t believe it, but as it seems, the vet was right. I hope I don’t have to change my opinion in a few weeks, I will monitor if the problem occurs again.

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