Evolve Terminals: Where Web Content Creators And Game Developers Meet Each Other


About Review Game Codes And Game Promotions

How do you connect people who talk or write about games with the people who create and publish games? How can game developers give away review keys and how can web content creators receive game keys to review them? Previously there were not a lot of good services that connected both groups, web content creators and game developers. Of course, both groups could just contact each other directly, but this can be very time-consuming for the individual, especially if a reply is not guaranteed.

If you put a web service in the middle of both groups, you have a tool that makes the whole process of connecting easier. And in this article I will talk about a particular website that does exactly that. Developers can give away keys to individual content creators and profit from the promotion, while web content creators have something new to talk about to stay relevant, and they meet each other at one place. I am talking about a service called Terminals.io that was created by the video game PR agency Evolve.

See this article as a suggestion to try the site out, I am not exactly sure if it’s a review what I write here, but I tested their site and I am quite happy with what they have to offer. Here is what they offer for both groups. As game developer you can list your game on the site, you can give away review keys of your game and web content creators can request them. As gaming writer, gaming video content creator or streamer you can sign up and browse through listed games and if you are interested to cover a game, you can request a key. As content creator, if you are approved, you will get the key, you can test the game, and when you covered it, you can even list your content in the coverage section. Sounds easy, huh? It’s a win-win situation for both groups, and an easy way to make the connection.

If you still wonder what it is about, they have a really good Frequently Asked Question page. From the perspective of someone who is writing text content about games, I want to add my personal opinion about Terminals. I disliked the fact that they asked me to fill out a lot of private data like my address, but I appreciate the fact that I could just skip it by not filling the fields out. They do verify and look at each individual sign up, because they don’t want that scammers betray developers and get their keys to sell them instead of creating content about the game. But it makes a lot of sense, and the verification did take no longer than 3 hours until I got a mail like this one…

One of us! One of us!

We have verified your account. This means you can now request game codes and more on Terminals.io

Thank you for your patience; by verifying your identity, we can assure developers that their codes are going to legit people and not greedy imposters…

My Personal Opinion

After that it was straight into the right direction, I could browse the listed games. The individual game listings look decent, you get already all kind of information’s about the game that might come in handy. Developers can for example add videos, screenshots and descriptions to the game page, and I saw they can link to their game on Steam, to the social media profiles and so on. For me, as someone who is writing about games, I could quickly get an overview about the games I opened up on the site. I do pretty much appreciate that you can set filters, I only wanted to see games for the Windows platform, but of course you can choose all other platforms too. Even if you could choose your genre interests already during the sign up, you can filter through genres as well, that’s great. They should however improve it on a way, that the filters are stored, because my taste will not change with the next log in, you taste probably neither.

The coverage section is a nice idea, but it seems that you can only add links to content about games that were or are listed on their site. That should be improved too, they should allow us to add other game coverage too, it would act like a nice portfolio where content creators can list their hottest content, and developers can get a quick overview about the reviewing site or channel. Anyway, overall I do like the service and I can imagine that it’s a great help for both groups.

No matter if you report about games and if you want to get review codes, or if you are developer and want to try another way to approach content creators to promote your games, it seems that Terminals could be a good place to connect with each other. You shouldn’t forget the direct approach, a personal email can just work as well, but there are always different ways to make something possible, and I think this service is one of them. I hope this article was inspiring.

Want Me To Write About Your Game?

I almost forgot it, if you are game developer and you think I could be interested to write about your game, feel free to contact me directly since you are already on my blog right now. I am covering the gaming topics since quite a while in addition to my other interests. But gaming has always been the driving engine of my blog, and it might even happen that your games offers so much inspiration that I create a whole tutorial series about it. So, tell me about your game!


2 thoughts on “Evolve Terminals: Where Web Content Creators And Game Developers Meet Each Other

    1. I thinik then you must look away from the popular triple A games. It’s the right time, there is a very huge indy market now, lot’s of new smaller developers who create fresh new concepts. It’s just more researching or knowing what you want. There are tons of games that are not about killing. The most popular games are often about killing, but that’s how most popular movies are also about action or killing, I think the mainstream market demands this type of stuff. But as said, there is a market around this today 🙂

      The post is actually aimed at these developers, it’s not about the big companies. I was aware that there are lots of smaller developers, they often have issues to promote their game, and then I found this service and thought I write about it. That’s how they can meet people like me, who would be interested to write about new games if I would get a code to try out. I think the indy developer scene will grow even further over the next years, because lots of younger people learned how to develop games, and this means there will be many more game concepts that are not about killing, simply because these developers can try things out, and they have no investors behind them that say “Do this or that”. 🙂

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