I bought Cat Grass Seed

After managing all the things I had to do yesterday, I had the time to visit a pet shop. I found cat grass seed (barley seed) and I bought it. The reason is that I never gave my cat grass and I thought I should try. I heard cat´s like to chew or lick grass. And I also did read that cat grass does promote digestion. They write on the wrap that it is “Natural digestive aid”. My half brother has two cat´s and he did suggest me to try it out because his cat´s love it. Well, I simply … Continue reading I bought Cat Grass Seed

My Cat with a Necklace

To be honest… My cat does hate necklaces. But for a photo shoot she had to be brave. She got the necklace and we took some photos. I uploaded already one of the photos with the necklace on my blog some time ago. And above you see the other two photos. I think the red necklace would fit for Christmas in some months. But I bet my cat has another opinion. 😉 The fun thing is that if she wears the necklace, she is jumping around like a wild cat. It looks funny. I should make a video some day. … Continue reading My Cat with a Necklace

Kitty is tired and shows the teeth :)

Some days ago I showed you a photo or let me say a lucky shot of Shyna when she was doing the meerkat. I think that was a funny photo. But today I will show you another great shot. It was also lucky shot. Shyna was on the couch what she really likes as it is cozy there. But when I took the photo she started to yawn and the photo above was perfect. I think I have already so many photos of Shyna on my website and it won´t stop 😀 I am not sure if she looks cute … Continue reading Kitty is tired and shows the teeth 🙂

Kitty shows the Meerkat

Shyna really can make me laugh sometimes. The photo above was a photo by chance. I saw her on top of the couch and she was looking for a fly which flew not in range above her. I took my smart phone and took a photo but at the same time she started to do the meerkat and did stand up as she wanted to catch the fly. The trigger of my smart phone is slow but it was the right moment for the shot. I had to laugh and thought it is another great image to create a lolcat … Continue reading Kitty shows the Meerkat