I bought Cat Grass Seed

After managing all the things I had to do yesterday, I had the time to visit a pet shop. I found cat grass seed (barley seed) and I bought it. The reason is that I never gave my cat grass and I thought I should try. I heard cat´s like to chew or lick grass. And I also did read that cat grass does promote digestion. They write on the wrap that it is “Natural digestive aid”.

My half brother has two cat´s and he did suggest me to try it out because his cat´s love it. Well, I simply want to find out if my cat will like it too. I really like to make her happy. I visited my mother yesterday in the evening as I knew that she would have some soil because she has a lot of balcony flowers and I was right. I got some soil and went home. The photos above were shot in the evening and that´s why they are so dark. Then I placed the seed in the soil and used some water. That´s how it looks today…

Cat Grass Barley Seed

I heard that it might take round about 10 days until the grass is loung enought to show it the cat. Let´s see. Did you ever give your cat grass? What´s your experience?

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