I bought Cat Grass Seed

After managing all the things I had to do yesterday, I had the time to visit a pet shop. I found cat grass seed (barley seed) and I bought it. The reason is that I never gave my cat grass and I thought I should try. I heard cat´s like to chew or lick grass. And I also did read that cat grass does promote digestion. They write on the wrap that it is “Natural digestive aid”. My half brother has two cat´s and he did suggest me to try it out because his cat´s love it. Well, I simply … Continue reading I bought Cat Grass Seed

Can Cats Drink Milk?

Should Cats Drink Milk? There is one of many basic question that many new cat owners might ask. Should I give my cat milk? The short answer is “No!” as the usual milk (cow´s milk) we humans drink is not good for cats due to the fact that most cats are lactose intolerant. That means a cat does not produce enough of the enzyme called lactase but lactase is needed to digest milk and to break it down into simple sugar. So, if you give a lactose intolerant cat milk, it can cause indigestion and bowel complaints. That is the … Continue reading Can Cats Drink Milk?

How can I get a cat?

Very important prologue… Some people ask “How can I get a cat” and I thought I do write about the topic and what the possibilities are. First of all I really really suggest you to read about cats before you think about getting a cat. I say this because the animal shelter are often full of animals which were set out forsaken anywhere. I do not want to say that you would do the same but please read anyway because a cat is not only fun, a cat is also demanding. I just do mention this because it is a … Continue reading How can I get a cat?