Black Kitty Gang

black kitty first photo

Before I left the garden area today, there was still one path with a couple of garden plots. After taking so many cat photos the last weeks in that area, I developed already an eye for it and look into every garden plot. That’s when I saw the black kitty you see in the photo at the top. It looked pretty fleasome and you can even see that in the photo. When I didn’t look through the viewfinder anymore, I couldn’t trust my eyes. From the back of the garden, a whole troop of black kittens walked into my direction…

I think there have been six black cats, four like in some of the images but afterwards there came two others from the back. That’s one of the reasons why I never ever pack my camera into the bag when I decide to go home. It was really the last alley before I left the garden area. I didn’t really expect to see more cats but you never know and see there, a whole troop of black cats. I am not sure if the garden owner is breeding them, if he is feeding them or if they just decided to stay there. The plot didn’t look overgrown and abandoned. But nobody was there.

It’s still likely that these are feral cats because as I’ve heard a few times now, some of the gardeners feed them, others sadly shot at them with pellet guns as I mentioned in one of the previous posts. So, the narrative says there are conflicting interests of people who want to help them and people who want to get rid of them. One thing is sure, if I ever see someone shooting with a pellet gun at cats, I gonna call the police because it’s cruel, not allowed and civilians don’t have shooting rights and the authorities don’t do culling either. Anyway, I shot some more photos there of the different black cats…

I also got some photos of a cat yawning…


8 thoughts on “Black Kitty Gang

    1. Very unexpected 🙂 I was just happy to see one black kitty but when the others came, I was surprised 🙂 And they were brave, walked straight into my direction. But nonetheless, I was happy there was a garden gate between us… it looked like they were full of fleas and I don’t want to carry fleas home to Shyna.

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