Grumpy Black Kitty

grumpy black kitty

Ok, I know, a lot of black cat photo uploads lately. But you haven’t seen this grumpy black cat yet! I shot the photo at the end of January this year when I walked through the garden areas to find out if there are still cats roaming around. I shot the photo near the place where I found a whole black kitty gang last September. So, I wondered if it might be one of them. If that is the case, the cat got enough food because it looks well-fed. But I’ve learned that some of the garden tenants actually help the feral gets, which means it wouldn’t be surprising. They’re all well-fed there. What I was more concerned about was that this grumpy black cat looked apathetic. I could get very close and other passers-by too. That’s uncommon but maybe the cat is now really used to humans as some people feed them. I just wondered if the cat might be ill because it looked a lot more apathetic than other cats. We won’t find out, it’s just save to say that the cat looks very grumpy but that’s still cute.


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