Another Chance

tabby cat near a flowerbed

The cat in the photo above is the same tabby I showed you in the previous post. As I mentioned, I wanted to feature it separately because this one here is much better. As I mentioned, I got that second chance an hour later on my way back. It was already pretty close, maybe 5-10 meters away but in a good range for my 70-300mm lens. So, this time I could get a better shot.

4 thoughts on “Another Chance

    1. Yes, this one has really beautiful eyes. This is one of the moments where I’ve been happy to get close enough with the zoom. Some feral cats are way too shy and don’t give you much time to get it right.

        1. I think it was around 10 meters away. I used my favorite lens, it’s a Tamron 70-300mm lens that I used quite often over the last years also for birds photography. Depends on the subject size but in case of the cats, if they’re within 10- or 15-meter range, I can get a close enough photo and can even do cropping at home without much quality loss.

          There are bigger zooms like the 150-600mm but that one would weight 2kg and taking handheld photos above 300mm is also not as easy as it sounds (I dislike going out with tripods because then you’re not as flexible). So, I personally like the 70-300mm a lot as it is easy to carry and since I use a DX-format (APS-C) camera, I have a sensor crop factor of 1.6x which means the 300mm end basically equals 480mm on my sensor.

          It’s a mid-range telephoto lens. I was often arguing with myself to upgrade to a 150-600mm lens but I am a realist and don’t want to go hiking with 2kg attached to my 1kg (700 gram) camera. I most likely couldn’t walk as much as I do now with such a lens and photography is about the time you spend outside to find things you can photograph.

          The 70-300mm lens is comfortable and as you might have noticed, you can crop heavily with a DSLR camera anyway to get even closer images. As said, I shot all my bird photos with that lens as well, it works really well…

          If you ever want to do more photography, I can highly suggest a lens that goes up to 300mm. You have an APS-C sensor too, which means it would be equal to 480mm on your camera as well. 🙂

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