Hidden Tabby

Today I found a new tabby cat. It was hidden in a small plantage on a garden plot. I couldn’t decide which photo I wanted to upload and decided to put the best shots in the gallery above. Also here it was a wonder that I did notice the cat. I first thought it would be the same cat I showed you already here but it’s not the same cat. The difference is clearly visible when you look at the nose of the cat in the gallery because it has a white mark there and the other cat does not have the same feature. The cat sat there in the plantage for five minutes and I was patient because I hoped to get some more photos. I got some but the cat walked away from me. Obviously I can’t just enter a strangers garden plot like the cats do, so I can just take the photos by standing near or leaning over the fence…

tabby cat walking away

The cat stopped on the way through the garden. It started to clean its fur. After that it looked like it would go into my direction but that was not the case. It eventually disappeared on the other side where there was an even thicker plantage and bushes…

But an hour later I went the same path again and saw the same cat again. This time I could take a better photo but I will feature that one in a separate post as it is more special. Anyway, it’s somehow funny that I mostly found tuxedo cats and black cats one week and now tabby cats. But I found some black cats again too this week, so, stay tuned!

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