Tabby in the Jungle

Here is a photo of a tabby cat I saw when I walked through the gardens. I only had like 3 seconds to take the photo until the cat disappeared in the shrubs. So, it’s basically a snapshot and I couldn’t care about perfection. But I am still glad that I managed it to photograph the cat even if the photo is not perfect. By the way, it might be that I spotted the same cat already once in the past, it could be the same cat I showed you in this post but I am not hundred percent sure. Continue reading Tabby in the Jungle

Another Chance

The cat in the photo above is the same tabby I showed you in the previous post. As I mentioned, I wanted to feature it separately because this one here is much better. As I mentioned, I got that second chance an hour later on my way back. It was already pretty close, maybe 5-10 meters away but in a good range for my 70-300mm lens. So, this time I could get a better shot. Continue reading Another Chance

Hidden Black Cat

It’s not always easy to find outdoor cats and take photos of them. Some cats can be easily overlooked. The garden area I frequent, offer a lot of hiding places for the cats. As I mentioned a few times, there are also abandoned and completely overgrown garden plots. These plots are perfect hiding places. I don’t know how I spotted the cat in the photo above but I try my best to scan everything on my way with my eyes. The cat wasn’t afraid and felt very secure in the thicket. There were two fences between us and I tried … Continue reading Hidden Black Cat