Black Kitty Again

I make this short. The photo at the top is just the colored version of the same photo I showed you two days ago. I just didn’t have much time left that evening to prepare both images for the upload. It was already evening the day I shot the photo, which means the image is a bit noisy. But I still like it as I could get very close with my lens but I still cropped the image a bit. Continue reading Black Kitty Again

Young Tabby Cat

If you saw my previous posts, you probably might think it’s tabby cat day on my blog. But I can assure you that I didn’t plan this. It’s just that I mostly saw tabby cats today when I was outside to take more cat photos. The cat in the image above was a bit shocked at first when it saw me but then it sat down and stared at me. So, I was able to take some more photos of this cat and I will edit and upload them in the future. I think the image above is the best … Continue reading Young Tabby Cat

Cute Kitten

Above is another cat photo I shot today. I saw this small and cautious kitten in a garden plot and it allowed me to take a photo. But you can see how cautious the kitten was. The plants are sadly a bit distracting but I really wanted the photo of this small kitten and I think it’s not too bad. Today I got a few photos that fit into my cat photo collection. Maybe I will do this again the next day. It’s actually pretty funny if you challenge yourself to take photos of just one subject, like I did … Continue reading Cute Kitten

Little Black Cat

Today I walked through one of the local garden areas, because I wanted to take photos of birds. But it came different, I didn’t really take much bird photos. But as you can see in the image above, I found a cat on my way, a very little black cat. It was funny, because it wanted to cross the path from the hedge on the right to the left. I was as surprised as the cat, and I was calm to get the photo. After that the cat crossed the path and disappeared behind the hedge on the left that … Continue reading Little Black Cat

The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times

It’s interesting, I never uploaded the very first photos we took when Shyna moved as a kitten into the apartment where I lived at that time. The only photo that I uploaded of that time is the one that the breeder took. That was the photo before I gave her a home. What I will show you now, that are the photos that I took the early days of her arrival in her new home. All the photos in this post are shot at that time. I sadly have not much photos of that time because I saved them on … Continue reading The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times