Black Cat Prefers Distance

As I mentioned in previous posts, some cats a brave and give you a chance to take a photo and others are rather shy and prefer to give the photographer a hard time. I found a completely black cat today, a very cute cat. I slowly tried to creep up on the cat but that wasn’t really possible and the cat disappeared behind a hedge. So, the only thing I can show you are heavily cropped images and even then they’re not close-up photos. But regardless, I want to show you the photos anyway. Completely black cats look mysterious, don’t they?


6 thoughts on “Black Cat Prefers Distance

    1. True. But for the amateur photographer, that’s somehow also the fun of the game. 🙂 Sometimes you get a close-up, sometimes you don’t. Sneaking up on them is fun, like with bird photography too.

      But honestly, I really hoped to get a close-up of this one. I totally like black cats… pretty mysterious appearance.

        1. I got that idea today too and wondered if I should try it someday. But closer also means 300mm wouldn’t work anymore… and if they don’t fall of the food trick, I still miss the shot if I have a lens smaller than 300mm attached. 😀 So, I think I like the challenge I have now.

        2. It seems to be working. I actually didn’t feed the cats to get photos. I fed them because I wanted to help them. I gave them a little in case they were hungry but not so much that they would depend on me.

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