Cat Jumps Away

I somehow couldn’t prevent myself from going outside again to take new cat photos. Autumn is ahead and we still had good weather today and I want to enjoy the last good days. It was cloudy and already a bit fresh but the sun came through. Like last week, I walked through the gardens again as it is possible to find cats there. So, this was my mission again and I got some new photos. Let’s start with this tuxedo cat…

cautious tuxedo cat

Obviously, it’s an outdoor cat. But I don’t know if the cat belongs to one of the garden owners or if it is a stray cat. But one thing is sure, I had to be quick to get the picture. That’s also why the photo isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be. I also had to crop the image to make it more interesting. Talking about the shot, it was basically just pressing the shutter button and the cat didn’t really want to give me much more chances because it just jumped over the fence into another garden. I could at least capture this moment too…


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