Curious Kitty

Curious kitty

It’s been a while since I uploaded a photo of my cat Shyna, so above is a snapshot that I took some time ago. I don’t like the angle of the photo but I like that my cat looks very curious in the photo, and that makes it a good snapshot in my opinion. I always like expressions of cats, it’s really fun to just watch them, wondering how they feel or what they are up to!


6 thoughts on “Curious Kitty

    1. The photo was shot sometime ago but I think I had a fly at the ceiling and Shyna noticed it. I grabbed my camera, zoomed, and took the snapshot. 🙂 You’re right, not every photo is about the right composition, it’s also about the moments. That’s why I like this snapshot 🙂

    1. She is 🙂 Especially when she is curious, or focussed on something… it’s so cute when cats seem to think “Wait, there is something, is it a fly on the ceiling?”. They can basically freeze to redirect full energy to the mind to track whatever they found, and making plans how to get it (if it’s a fly, like in this case).

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