I Played Through Mass Effect And Here Comes My Recommendation

Mass Effect Screenshot 1

I just played through Mass Effect over the last days and to be honest, if you are into science fiction stories and if you like roleplay games on computer, this is the game you seriously have to get. This is the first thing I need to mention, because the story alone is epic.

Apart from that you will get on a journey that will teach you a lesson of digital art, yes, everything you see in the game is pure art and designed with love in my opinion. I had to say this, because both aspects created a really immersive atmosphere and this is reason enough to say this is a bomb of a game.

Mass Effect Screenshot 5

Visually and storywise, I can say my jaw dropped several times while I played through the game. When you start the game, you have to create your character, you have to choose your class, you set some other parameter, and then you can decide how your character should look like.

That is pretty common for roleplay games, and the part I like a lot, because I love to customize 3D faces with an editor! You can even choose if you want to play a female or male character. In any case, your character is called Shepard, Commander Shepard to be exact, the protagonist of Mass Effect and your role. Here is the character look I came up with…

Please don’t see this article as a review, the article is meant as a suggestion to play the game but I can not go too deep into detail about the story. The problem with roleplay games is that you simply can not talk too much about the story of the games, because that is what makes them interesting. I don’t want to reveal anything about this as it would destroy the fun for you.

But some things can be mentioned, as said you play the role of Commander Shepard, you lead a squad and you are put into a galaxies where you have to make investigations and where you will be confronted with all kind of intrigues. Sometimes you can solve problems with rhetoric and if this fails you can solve the things by force of arms.

Mass Effect Screenshot 2

Another reason why this game is really great, you can talk with all kind of character you meet on your journey, you can decide if you want to talk with them, you can decide what you want to talk about with them, and you can choose your own answers. Do you prefer aggressive answers or do you think moderate behaviour will lead to the right direction? You decide it. This is what makes the game immersive, you really get into the role of the character you play.

This is of course known from roleplay games, but the developer BioWare is known to create very amazing roleplay games. Mass Effect is exactly that, they really put you into the story. In the game you decide what to search, where to go, how to approach the things and how to finish the job. I really played a lot of games, also a lot of very great games, but Mass Effect is one of the first class games as well.

If you love science fiction and roleplay games, this is a game you should get. The game is a little bit older and it usually doesn’t take too long until you find it heavily price reduced. The game is regularly on sale, that means you can grab it cheap if you wait for it. I really recommend to play this game.

2 thoughts on “I Played Through Mass Effect And Here Comes My Recommendation

    1. It’s really one of the games where I didn’t regret to pay money for. 🙂 This game also has replay value as the outcome can be different depending on how you act in the game.

      But for now I just started with Mass Effect 2 as I got it from the Humble Bundle deal I mentioned some days ago.

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