Rest In Peace Schani

Uncles Dog Schani

Yesterday we got a bad news. One of my uncles dogs had to be put to sleep due to very bad health conditions. I always called her Schani but I think my uncle wrote the name Schany. She was so cute and we all are sad to hear that she couldn’t make it.

Rest in peace Schani, I never will forget that you greeted me first when I visited my uncle. You might be in dog heaven right now, but you have your place on earth too, not only with the cute photos on my blog, but also in our hearts. Greet all the other pets we had to let go. To celebrate the time we had with you, I put some last photos of you in a gallery…

7 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Schani

    1. When I was young, I lost a dog too… now my uncle has three kids and he said it was really hard to tell them yesterday. He said the kids cried a lot. When he said that, it reminded me back to my youth, I cried a lot too back then when our dog had to go. You are right, pets become family members and they leave a gab when they go.

    1. This is true, she raised up in a big family as my uncle has some kids and another dog. She had a good life. The kids of my uncle are now really sad.. they will need some time to understand this because they raised up together with Shani.

  1. It’s very hard to lose a pet especially for a child who has perhaps not experienced death before but probably for your uncle too who obviously loves dogs. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve cried over losing every pet we ever had.

    1. True, the kids of my uncle were all away with my aunt on a trip and came back home in the evening. So, they had to tell them in the evening. My uncle said this was very hard. The kids were really broken this evening said my uncle, understandable.

      When I was a teenager, our dog died too… I grew up with the dog and we had her nearly one and a half decade. When our dog had to go, I was 17 or so, and I cried a lot and it took me months to get over it. Pets are family member too, it’s hard to lose them. I still have old photos of our dog in my cabinet to remember her.

      When my cat has to go some day, it will for sure make me cry too. It’s not a shame, it’s understandable to cry.

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