Rest In Peace Schani

Yesterday we got a bad news. One of my uncles dogs had to be put to sleep due to very bad health conditions. I always called her Schani but I think my uncle wrote the name Schany. She was so cute and we all are sad to hear that she couldn’t make it. Rest in peace Schani, I never will forget that you greeted me first when I visited my uncle. You might be in dog heaven right now, but you have your place on earth too, not only with the cute photos on my blog, but also in our … Continue reading Rest In Peace Schani

Uncle´s Dog Emmi

On the two photos above you can see Emmi. My uncle has two dogs. The other one is called Schani. Schani is rather a calm dog while Emmi is pretty wild and can never stop to play. They both are contrasts, really. My mother took the photos on the campsite in Salem. One of the images is sadly overexposed but I am too lazy today to check out if I can fix the image with Photoshop. Anyway, it´s category snapshot. Continue reading Uncle´s Dog Emmi