Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest


I want to bring up an older snapshot for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge with the motto Quest. When I was my uncle’s guest for some months in Reinfeld to help him with his health issues, I had my cat with me and we got our own room in the house but I summarized this already in another post with links to the related articles. As my uncle had a terrace, I got the idea at some point to show my cat with the leash how it is to be outside.

It was a quest for her, and I still didn’t upload all the photos of her terrace quest. It was funny, because she didn’t like the ground or the pavement slabs, she preferred to stay above the ground. To get back inside from the corner of the terrace, she basically jumped over the rattan furniture and the table in the middle, and from there on the wooden stairs in front of the terrace door. Here are some more snapshots for the weekly challenge…

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

    1. That surprised me too Charles. It changed a bit after we tried it several days in a row and she became more curious. For some reason she is a happy home cat, it’s probably because she didn’t experience the outside for so many years.

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