Good Day

I had sleep problems over the last weeks, that sometimes still happens but last night I slept very well. That means I woke up with much power and happiness. It’s a Sunday and I wanted to start the day slow but when I booted up the PC, I noticed the date and it came into my mind that it is election day. I am talking about the elections to the city-state parliament of Lübeck. So, I looked for the polling paper and found it near the TV. After breakfast and shower, I shut the PC down and went outside to … Continue reading Good Day

Another Beautiful Tiger

When I was in Reinfeld, I often saw cats outside, and sometimes I had my camera with me to take a photo, especially when I was hiking. As I mentioned often, I like to upload many photos of my own cat Shyna, but I am also very happy when I can expand the category with other cat photos. So, I am glad that the cat in the photo above crossed my path a few months ago when I was hiking, it’s a beautiful orange cat. I hope you like the photo too, and it’s promised that I will upload more … Continue reading Another Beautiful Tiger

Contact With The Outside

So, here is a world premiere, but more about this if you read on. Apart from transport boxes or windows in my apartment, my cat didn’t know the outside as she always has been a house cat. But now that I am at my uncle’s house for a while again, and due to the fact that there is a terrace, I wanted to show her the outside. Today was a sunny day, there was boredom, and I thought I do her something good and I showed her the terrace. I always planned something like this, if it wouldn’t have happened … Continue reading Contact With The Outside

Anywhere Near The Trave River

I shot this image in Lübeck anywhere near the Trave River that flows through our city. The water you see on the photo is a branch of the main river. I walk there sometimes because you can find insects and flowers there and in summer I also jog and walk there as many people do. The river is long so that you can always start from a different point if you like. Continue reading Anywhere Near The Trave River