A Woodpecker In The Fog

I’ve been in Lübeck for two days to manage some things. One morning I had a little bit of time and decided to walk through the parks near the Trave River. It was a foggy morning, very beautiful, and at some point on my way, I heard the drumming somewhere in the trees, it was clear there would be a woodpecker somewhere. I find it very hard to take photos of them, I heard them often, but usually they are at the top of the tree and that makes it very difficult. In this case I had a little bit … Continue reading A Woodpecker In The Fog

Pretty Foggy

I noticed that I don’t have a lot of fog pictures on my blog. But I still have some in my folders, photos that I should upload over time to fill this category a little bit too. I shot the photo some time ago, at the time when I shot this and this photo. I like foggy days, and it’s a perfect time to go out, because it appears so calm and beautiful. Fog is very interesting, but it can be challenging in photography due to the bad lighting conditions. Continue reading Pretty Foggy

Foggy Morning Near The Trave River

My mother and me wandered near the Trave River in Lübeck this week. It was a very foggy morning but I really love it. Not only that the air smells fresh, I do also think that fog is very beautiful especially if you wander near the river. Phone cameras are not very well for foggy days, unfortunately. However, I thought I upload the photos anyway because even if they aren’t very good in quality, they at least do show what we saw on our way. Here is a gallery… Continue reading Foggy Morning Near The Trave River