Eurasian Magpie

Here is a photo that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. You can see an Eurasian magpie (Pica pica), also known as common magpie according to Wikipedia. I shot the bird through the window glass, as I was standing in the living room. We tricked the bird a little bit, because my uncle and me were aware of the magpie nests on the other street side, and we had this glorious idea to throw some pieces of toast bread on the car port roof. This worked well, because we went back inside and I did set up my camera … Continue reading Eurasian Magpie

White Wagtail On The Footpath

I think I found the white wagtail today. I never had a lot of knowledge about birds, I just knew common birds, but I start to learn more about them since I take photos of the birds I find on my way when I go hiking. Today when I saw this small bird in front of me on the footpath, I thought it would be a young great spotted woodpecker, because they have a similar black and white head as well, but at home I researched more and now I think that the bird in my photo is a white … Continue reading White Wagtail On The Footpath