Wagtail On A Tree Stump

Above you can see a wagtail bird on a tree stump. I am always happy when I can take photos of birds, but when I find a waigtail I am even more happy because they are a bit more difficult to find. When I was in Reinfeld, I noticed you have a higher chance to find them near the pond called Herrenteich. In L├╝beck you find them more likely near the Trave River but I had a much better chance to find them in Reinfeld, for some reason they are much more likely to occur there, probably because it’s outside … Continue reading Wagtail On A Tree Stump

Walking White Wagtail

I shot so many bird photos when I was in Reinfeld for half a year, that I still didn’t finish to upload them all. But I mentioned this already in other posts and I will continue to work on my backlog. In this post I want to show you a photo that I shot at that time. During a hike, I spotted a white wagtail on the path. I could get quite close. The bird didn’t fly away, it walked with a limp so that I assumed something was wrong with one of the legs and the wings. That poor … Continue reading Walking White Wagtail

White Wagtail On The Footpath

I think I found the white wagtail today. I never had a lot of knowledge about birds, I just knew common birds, but I start to learn more about them since I take photos of the birds I find on my way when I go hiking. Today when I saw this small bird in front of me on the footpath, I thought it would be a young great spotted woodpecker, because they have a similar black and white head as well, but at home I researched more and now I think that the bird in my photo is a white … Continue reading White Wagtail On The Footpath