Back to Lübeck

I drove back to Lübeck yesterday. There are a couple of reasons why I drove back. I have to manage some things for myself, mainly bureaucracy related. Then there is the problem that my aunt got the flu, and I really don’t want to get the flu too. I am usually pretty resistant against flu viruses, especially because I am often outside no matter the weather. Anyway, if someone else has it around you, there is the risk you will get it too. Yep, I am pretty paranoid about flu viruses and try to keep any risk out of my … Continue reading Back to Lübeck

How Blizzard Continues To Harm World of Warcraft

I mentioned it already but I do it again, World of Warcraft is a pay-to-win game now in my opinion, and I can just laugh about Blizzard´s attempted explanations. But I will dig a little bit into the topic again. Isn´t it hilarious that developers of today prefer to care more about people who think that leveling is boring, and who didn´t even notice that the entire game has always been based on leveling? When we met those confused players in-game, we called them eBayers in the past. There were people who sold their World of Warcraft accounts on Ebay … Continue reading How Blizzard Continues To Harm World of Warcraft