The Guitar Store Problem

I am in the market for a new e-guitar since I am tired of my own. My guitar did a good service for that price but there are definitely much better guitars out there. When I wanted to play a great guitar, I borrowed the Fender 70`s American Standard Stratocaster of my grandpa and I really loved it. Sadly my grandpa had to sell this guitar so that this is no option anymore. Back then I played different Strats (as people call them too) in music stores, I developed a love for Strats with vintage pickups or vintage hardware in … Continue reading The Guitar Store Problem

Tension In The Neck

That feeling when you can’t turn your head to one side anymore. It seems I have a tension in the neck. I had this a few times in my life, I guess we all had this at least once in our life? I still can remember the last time I had that, it was quite annoying. Now I have it again and it happened when I looked behind me, it seems I twisted a muscle or nerve while doing this. You know when you get old, ok now I am kidding because once I had a tension in the neck … Continue reading Tension In The Neck

Hey fellow… It´s just a game! Please chill!

One thing I really hate is when people behave aggressively just because the own team did lose a match in a game. Today we did play Battlefield 3 with friends. We did join one server and talked about our tactics on our Teamspeak server. One of our friends is known for freaking out when anything in the game goes wrong. I think its ok to get upset sometimes if it is in a funny or smooth tune. But he sometimes sounds like he is on the brink to destroy his microphone or maybe his computer. Today again and it was … Continue reading Hey fellow… It´s just a game! Please chill!

Asteroid Impact in Germany…

First of all… I do think you won´t find what you expected because of the blog post title. This here will be a rant! I am sorry for that but the title simply describes my feeling right now. I want to write about bureaucracy, dunning letters and simply about the overall nonsense which arrived in my letterbox everyday. Nevermind if companies or public authorities. The stuff they send me, is simply annoying. I think I could give a lot of examples about the nonsense I have to answer everyday but I rather want to write about an actual case… We … Continue reading Asteroid Impact in Germany…