Musing About This And That – Part 5

Above you can see a photo of a female house sparrow, but I shared another photo from the same day already some time ago on my blog. This post here is not so much about photography but I want to chat a bit about this and that. Today I am a bit proud again because I visited the dentist and I do this regularly since quite some time. But that was not always the case because back then it was my dental fear that made me wait way too long before I visited the dentist. But I managed so many … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 5

Thinking About Disease And Death

I talked about this a couple of times on my blog, my uncle is terminal ill as he got the Glioblastoma Grade IV brain tumor diagnosis one and a half-year ago. We’re happy that he is still under us and he is doing ok, but it’s definitely already visible where we’re heading to. The sad truth is that he is not in the good old shape anymore. The tumor does wreck him, but very slowly. On one side we’re happy to still have time with him, on the other side it’s just sad to see the slow process caused by … Continue reading Thinking About Disease And Death

Discussing The Therapy End

I mentioned already that I was in a therapy since the end of 2014. It’s a therapy for depression and anxiety disorder. I suffered from depression and anxiety disorder but the problems waned over the years as I have read a lot about it and as I developed strategies to reduce the interval of my panic attacks. However, I contacted a therapist anyway last year as I mentioned, reason was that the problems can still randomly appear at times. Also I do often suffer from extreme sleep problems but they come and go in phases as all the other symptoms. … Continue reading Discussing The Therapy End

Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

I don’t write often about it, not because I wouldn’t like to, rather because the whole issue was not a too big problem anymore, at least when I compare it with the past. The problem was that I suffered from depression and social anxiety years ago. I really got out of this mess, but sometimes things can bounce back for a while. I want to write about this today. I want to fight over the last bastion, that means, I don’t want to feel healthy most of the time, I want to feel healthy all the time. When there are … Continue reading Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

Yet Again Another Triumph Over The Dental Phobia

I talked quite often about my dental phobia on my blog. Over the last months there was partial success but it´s not always easy as I also suffer from agoraphobia and anxiety attacks but this is another story, but worth to mention as both diseases make something like a dental visit quite difficult. I have my agoraphobia under control since some years now and it was not even clear if it is agoraphobia or social anxiety as it is hard to say but what ever it is, I could fight it back and this makes me very happy. However, the … Continue reading Yet Again Another Triumph Over The Dental Phobia

Another victory over the dental fear…

I had an appointment with my dentist yesterday. He wanted to take a look if the wound healing would be good. I mentioned that I had a bigger dental treatment. But my dentist noticed yesterday that I had still bone fragments in the wound and he said that this wouldn´t be good as they would interfere with the wound healing. He said one wound would be ok but the other not due to the bone fragments. They said they would need to remove them and that they would give me a local anesthesia to remove the fragments. I said “Wait, … Continue reading Another victory over the dental fear…