Attentive Cat

Time for a Shyna photo again. I’d say, this time it’s a portrait of her. We shot that photo when I had her on a leash outside on a terrace. As a house cat, she was quite confused with all those strange sounds in this alien world outside. I say alien world, because she was really not used to it. It was quite funny but I wrote about that already too many times back then. Anyway, I liked the photos we shot because due to the fact that she was very attentive or that she tried to understand the new … Continue reading Attentive Cat

I’m Watching You

Here is yet again a photo of my cat Shyna, because there are not enough photos of her on my blog, and of course I’m kidding. The photo is not of greatest quality, but I like the scene a lot. My cat has always an eye on me, she takes care about me. Because I know that, I thought I would take a look behind one of my curtains, but the fur monster did already expect that. I had to laugh when a friend once said he would feel like being observed, while my cat sat in the corner and … Continue reading I’m Watching You