Fir Hedge Background

Still experimenting with my new 40mm lens. And I realized you can also take some photos with it that could work as a nice Windows background on my PC, or as a background on my mobile devices. What I did there with the image above was getting very close to a fir hedge, focussing in the front and having depth of field in the background. I like photos like this one and will probably take my own background images in the future. I uploaded the image without doing any edits because I liked it as it came out of the … Continue reading Fir Hedge Background

Kitty And The Ladder Again

It´s not a long time ago when I uploaded an image of Shyna while she was climbing a ladder. She seems to like it. Now I created a new set of images with my cat and the ladder but this time I have the red curtains of my living room as background and I think that looks cool anyhow. Also the light conditions were better because of the windows there. I love the new set of images. She is so cool. Continue reading Kitty And The Ladder Again