Lady Beetle Without Points

Some days ago I was visiting my mother and we sat on her balcony to enjoy the first sunbeams. While talking, we noticed that there were a lot of ladybugs or lady beetles on her balcony and we started to take photos with out smartphones. I guess I have now little bit too much ladybug photos but many of them look great. I also found ladybugs outside too, well it´s springtime! I am still very busy with other things and I can´t promise when I will upload the new photos. I think I will do that time by time as … Continue reading Lady Beetle Without Points

This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

My half-brother does have mouse’s and sometimes he lets them out on the balcony. He did take some photos to send me those. Pretty great if the family provides some interesting photos as well. The photos above are definitely worth to put in my animal category here on the blog. I just can say that it is absolutely funny to watch mouse’s while they are exploring the area around them. Continue reading This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

Do you know Gartenzwerge? :)

Gartenzwerge means Garden Gnomes. They are pretty common here in Germany. Lots of People have Gartenzwerge in their Garden or on their Balcony and so. The Reason? Well.. it´s easy… they do take care if you are not there. They are scaring for Trespassers and Thieves! Ok you notice I am kidding now 🙂 Joke aside… But honestly I think they are rather funny then scaring. I am not sure why so much People place them in their Garden or on their Balcony. They are just common and popular here. But hey.. yea they look funny and I think that … Continue reading Do you know Gartenzwerge? 🙂