City Cat

Today I walked 20km to look for city cats again but I sadly just found one. That’s a bit strange for the distance I walked but maybe luck wasn’t with me today. But I tried and I always preach on my blog, even if go home with just one new picture, you’ve been outside and that’s good for the body and soul. However, it’s a bit ironic that the one cat I found, is a black cat again. It was hiding below a car and wanted to cross the sidewalk but then it saw me and hesitated. But when I … Continue reading City Cat

Beautiful Black Cat

As I mentioned in my previous post, today’s mission was to find outdoor cats in different districts. The second cat I found was the beautiful black cat at the top. I saw it sitting on a balcony and then I shot the photo. I don’t know why, but it somehow has a very sinister look and I like that. While I find all cats beautiful, I must admit, that I think this is the most beautiful black cat of all the ones I photographed. But maybe it has “kitten bonus karma points” because it still seems to be a young … Continue reading Beautiful Black Cat

Black Kitty Again

I make this short. The photo at the top is just the colored version of the same photo I showed you two days ago. I just didn’t have much time left that evening to prepare both images for the upload. It was already evening the day I shot the photo, which means the image is a bit noisy. But I still like it as I could get very close with my lens but I still cropped the image a bit. Continue reading Black Kitty Again

Black Kitty

I need to sleep soon but I thought I quickly upload a photo to my blog. I shot the photo today and it might be one of the black cats I showed you previously. It’s very likely because I found it in the same garden alley but this time alone. I liked the photo a lot in black and white but the colored photo is great too even if it was shot during sunset but I was able to edit the image on a way that it looks good. Excuse me, I will show you the colored version and a … Continue reading Black Kitty

Black Cat

Today I when I took the photo of the black cat you see up there, I didn’t think much about it. But at home I started to wonder if it’s the same cat that I photographed five days ago. Honestly, I believe they’re different cats. I took the photos like 5 kilometers apart, which doesn’t tell us anything as they probably roam around a lot but I still think they look different. What do you say? Is it the same cat or a different cat? Continue reading Black Cat