Above you can see a portrait photo of Charlie, the dog of my mother. There was minimal editing with the photo. I thought the photo was pretty perfect. The only things I did was cropping a tiny bit of the top to remove what I would call “too much space”, and I added a bit of clarity and sharpness since this usually makes the fur of pets more present. I would still say this was a snapshot, because I remember that I spontaneously took the photo, but it’s a good snapshot in my opinion. But with pets that is easy, … Continue reading Charlie

Husky Portrait

Huskies are very beautiful dogs and I always liked them. When I was a bit younger, I would have liked to get a husky but I didn’t do so as my first apartment was too little and because I got a very beautiful cat. One of my neighbor has a very beautiful husky and sometimes if I see here outside, I talk with her and try to take some dog portraits. I am still not happy with all my pet portraits, but yesterday I could get a nice shot of her husky. I like the result, and I am going … Continue reading Husky Portrait

Uncle´s Dog Emmi Again

Above you can see one of the dogs which enrich my uncle´s life. The dog you can see on the photo is called Emmi and I uploaded already some other photos of her. This is a very beautiful half-breed dog. She is really very confiding and playful. Sometimes too playful, because she can´t understand it if you stop to play, and that is at times quite exhausting I´d say. She is really so playful that the word “wild” would fit much better. But she is so cute. I shot this photo in Salem last weekend. Continue reading Uncle´s Dog Emmi Again