Beautiful Lamp

Ok, when I am already at it uploading some photos with lights, here is another one. I am pretty sure I shot the photo when I got my 50mm lens and wanted to test it. I visited grandma and had my camera and the nifty fifty with me. There is always a beautiful decor in her apartment. She also likes Tiffany lamps and honestly, I find them beautiful as well. So, that was a reason too why I shot the photo. I just love how these lamps look like. Do like Tiffany lamps too? Continue reading Beautiful Lamp

Raindrops On The Window

Looking for something beautiful in my apartment, I saw my windows and all the raindrops on it. The weather is not good outside, but at least it makes the windows become visually appealing. By the way, do you like the sound of raindrops on the windows too? I always like to listen to the raindrops on the windows. It can be pretty cozy if you are inside but it’s raining outside. You can also find some other photos of raindrops on my blog, but there are not much photos. Continue reading Raindrops On The Window