Big Wheel

Here is a photo I shot in November 2016. Not sure why I didn’t upload it earlier but it’s most likely because I take more photos than I can ever upload in time. But I like this photo of the big wheel. I saw it in the city and I think it’s every year there before Christmas. It was not intended but I also like that the big wheel is half-hidden. In this photo, the big wheel is behind the St. Jakobi church. I don’t have much but there are some other night photographs on my blog. Continue reading Big Wheel

Beautiful Big Wheel

Here is another shot that I tried out yesterday. I saw the big wheel in one of the Christmas market areas and thought this would make a great photo. I didn’t want to have the Christmas market stands on the picture or any people, that means I looked for a good angle. I basically just wanted to have the dark sky and the colourful big wheel on the photo. I think I achieved that, and I like the angle. I shot the photo handheld at 1/30 second, f/4.8 and ISO 1600. Continue reading Beautiful Big Wheel

A Big Wheel in December 2012 on the Christmas Fair in Lübeck

I still have some photos from 2012 which I didn´t upload because December was a busy time. Therefor I do upload a few over the next days. Here is a photo of a big Wheel on a christmas Fair in Lübeck. The quality is not the best because my Mom did send the photo via WhatsApp. But I like the lights and colours of the big wheel on the photo. Continue reading A Big Wheel in December 2012 on the Christmas Fair in Lübeck