Random Plant Photo

Here I will show you one photo that I really like. It’s a close-up photo of a random plant branch that I found on my way when I was walking outside yesterday. I didn’t edit the image apart from resizing. There are no improvements made, this is basically how the photo came out of the camera. I really love the blurry background and that only the branch with the small blossoms are in focus. I like the bokeh or depth of field effect in the background and I shot this with the focal length of the lens changed to 105mm. … Continue reading Random Plant Photo

African Daisy?

When I took photos of flowers, I usually got hints or the right answers about the flower names from my readers and that is cool! But this time I thought I research a little on my own. I found this flower on the balcony of my mother but also on the campsite of my grandma and grandpa. Looks like this flower is kinda trendy. My mother said it would be any kind of marguerite daisy but when I asked Google, I did found many different appearing marguerite daisies. I compared them all and researched and found out that this might … Continue reading African Daisy?