The Borrowed Canoe

The husband of my mother knows someone who owns a canoe and he got the offer to borrow that canoe for three weeks. We usually used a rubber raft when we wanted to have some fun on a river but it´s quite difficult to paddle with a rubber raft if you want to get ahead on the river. I think a rubber raft is only good if you have an outboard motor but then you can´t use it on all rivers due to the fact that most rivers are parts of a nature reserve and it is not allowed there, … Continue reading The Borrowed Canoe

Cloudy Day in Lübeck and the Trave River

I had a lot of things to do yesterday. I had to visit some authorities and also my lawyer. I like to do all that by foot. Really, I do like to walk even very long distances. It´s not only healthy and sporty but it also gives me the possibility to take new photos. I then walked over a bridge and took the photo above. It was a cloudy day and it was slightly rainy. The river on the photo is the Trave River in Lübeck. You can see that autumn will start soon. The mood of the weather shows … Continue reading Cloudy Day in Lübeck and the Trave River