Shopping Mall Christmas Decoration

I like Christmas decoration. Now with the 50mm f/1.8g lens, that is even more interesting. I can take pictures of Christmas lights with bokeh, I find that very beautiful. I assume I will do this quite often in the future until I maybe get bored with the bokeh. But for now this is really interesting as I couldn’t do this well with my other lenses. Together with my mother, I was shopping in a mall today, and there was all kind of Christmas decoration. That was a great place to play with my lens. Continue reading Shopping Mall Christmas Decoration

There Is A 50mm Prime Lens On My Radar

I have chosen a photo for this post that I shot at 50mm with my Nikon 18-105mm kit lens. Taking a look into my Lightroom library, it’s clear I didn’t take a lot of photos at 50mm. This is no surprise due to the fact that I did spend most of my time in a village this year where it was quite easy to find beautiful birds, that’s why I purchased a 70-300mm lens at the beginning of this year. I’ve not been completely happy with the image quality of my tele lens, but still it amazed me to have … Continue reading There Is A 50mm Prime Lens On My Radar

Beautiful Plant In The Forest

I saw the plant above in a small forest during my hike through the Schellbruch. I am not sure what kind of wild plant it is, I just thought it is a very beautiful plant. Apart from the plant, I do also like the depth of field and bokeh in the photo, I really like the result. Although it’s not working in every situation with my Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, I am happy that I learned how to get this kind of effect in some situations. If there is enough distance between the main subject and the stuff in the … Continue reading Beautiful Plant In The Forest

Just A New Flower Photo

Today in the morning I found some flowers on my hike through the gardens. You can see one of them in the photo, they look like daisies but I am not really sure if they are. The flower you see in the photo does actually look smaller than I saw them in real. They were much bigger than a usual daisy, especially the stem was quite long with around 20 or 30 cm. Most daisies I saw in the past were pretty tiny, it seems this is a big one that is not so common here, I did at least … Continue reading Just A New Flower Photo

Random Plant Photo

Here I will show you one photo that I really like. It’s a close-up photo of a random plant branch that I found on my way when I was walking outside yesterday. I didn’t edit the image apart from resizing. There are no improvements made, this is basically how the photo came out of the camera. I really love the blurry background and that only the branch with the small blossoms are in focus. I like the bokeh or depth of field effect in the background and I shot this with the focal length of the lens changed to 105mm. … Continue reading Random Plant Photo