Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

Here is a photo I took in Bad Oldesloe. While the colors of the original looked great, I didn’t like the heavy lens flare. I went through a couple of black and white settings until I found a vintage one that did hide most of the lens flare very well. On top of that, it transformed the photo in a very positive way. The reason why I shot the photo was that I liked the arch of the bridge from my point of view. Together with the housing in the background and the stairs, it just made me want to … Continue reading Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

Bridge in Black and White

Here is a photo of a bridge I shot in 2015. I am not completely happy with the framing as the ends of the bridge are cut too far, but I had to do it because there have been distracting tree stems on the side. I converted the photo to black and white because I thought it fits and because the colors in the original aren’t special. When I went through my bridge photos, I found out that I already uploaded a photo of the same bridge but with a different perspective. Continue reading Bridge in Black and White

Bridge and Rails

Just a snapshot I took near our train station. I like shapes of different bridges. Generally, the picture was a bit boring, but in black and white it really looked great. I don’t know, especially urban photos can look really grungy in black and white, especially when there are smearings on buildings or walls. I think these pictures start to shine when you convert them to black and white. But maybe it’s just my taste. I really like it that. But I do generally like black and white photography. Continue reading Bridge and Rails

Under The Bridge

Here is a photo that I shot two weeks ago during a walk around the city along the Trave river. There are some really beautiful parks and paths but also some shady looking places like in the image above. In some areas it’s dark under the bridges and there are many smearings on the fundaments. I thought I convert the image to black and white, because it made the atmosphere in the image look even darker than it was before. I now already have a couple of bridge photos on my blog, that’s funny because I don’t hunt to get … Continue reading Under The Bridge