Carrion Crow

Above is a photo that I shot a while ago. I am pretty sure that it is a carrion crow but it could also be a common raven. This is a close-up shot but in 2017 I uploaded a full picture of that crow. We have so many crows in our area at the moment, it’s as if the population exploded. I’ve never seen that much crows. They have always been there, but today you find hundreds if not thousands of them in some trees. Continue reading Carrion Crow

A Carrion Crow

Above you can see a carrion crow (Corvus corone). We have quite a lot of them here in Germany. Where I live there are places where you could easily find thousands of them in threes with hundreds of nests. I remember when I was in Reinfeld and a storm came up, sitting with my uncle near the window we saw how the sky became black because thousands of them ascended from the bush that was hundred meters away from our windows. I really mean the sky became black, it was a spectacle of nature. We thought they could feel electricity, … Continue reading A Carrion Crow