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Tag: cat portraits

Testing The 50mm Lens With My Cat

It’s raining outside and that means I don’t want to test my new 50mm lens outside yet. But I tested this lens already inside, especially at f/1.8 to get a […]

Tuxedo Beauty

I always like to take photos with my cat, and I think the one I show you with this post is really cool as it is basically a close-up portrait. […]

Black And White Kitty Photo

Just throwing in another photo of my cat Shyna. Found this one in my Lightroom library, and I really like the unusual perspective. But I didn’t like the photo in […]

Mascot of the Blog

It’s time to share a photo of my cat Shyna again. She is basically the mascot of the blog, and I shot thousands of photos with her. At this time […]