The Time For New Flower Photos

Even if I don´t dislike autumn or winter, I am happy when a warmer season starts. The main reason is that nature becomes more colourful again. It´s a great time to take new flower photos for example. I did that last week but this week it is rainy again. However, I still have some photos in the pipeline, which I took the last week. Above you can see one of them. Continue reading The Time For New Flower Photos

Beautiful Berry

Springtime is good as we know can shoot some new and more colourful photos. Nature blooms and there are new subjects to discover with our cameras. I found this berry on my way while enjoying the first sunbeams outside. I really like the colours of the berry. But I am not sure what kind of berry it is. There was a big berry bush but I wanted to have a close-up shot of one of the berries. Continue reading Beautiful Berry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I think flowers have curves as well and this is why I want to participate with a flower photo in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves. I found this flower on the balcony of my mother and the flower was in front of a white solar protection wall, which was great because layering effects work too great then. I took the Photo with the camera of the Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I didn´t want to make rocket science with Photoshop and edited the image pretty fast with the smart phone app called pixlr-o-matic. It is an easy app and you can … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves