Common Blackbird Picture

I did already upload several common blackbird photos to my blog, but here is another one. I really didn’t like the highlights in the background, which is why I partly reduced vibrance and highlights. I did also decrease saturation of the blue colour to make the heaven highlights in the background even less apparent. Then I used the adjustment brush to reduce the contrast, exposure and saturation on the tree branch to shift the focus away from it. For the bird I used another adjustment brush to brighten the plumage and to show a little bit of detail. As I … Continue reading Common Blackbird Picture

Common Blackbird Close-Up

You can find Common Blackbirds everywhere in the city, but the photo in this post was taken in the nature. I came fairly close with my 70-300mm Tamron lens, but I cropped the image slightly to get even closer. The black feathering of these birds might be boring, but still they are very funny and cute birds, and also beautiful. Looks like my Common Blackbird category on the blog is starting to grow. If you are new to the blog, check out my other photos. Continue reading Common Blackbird Close-Up

Common Blackbird Photo

Even if I uploaded already several common blackbird photos, I don’t stop to take photos of them. They are indeed common, you find them everywhere in Germany, and that means they might be boring for some, but still they are good birds to practice photography. I like the photo in this post as you can see that the bird is walking down the tree branch, I like it if you see this type of movement in a photo, because it makes the photo look lively. If you are new to my blog, you can find more bird photos if you … Continue reading Common Blackbird Photo

Common Blackbird Photograph

It seems my common blackbird photos category starts to grow. Common blackbirds are easy to find here in Germany, and that means they are a perfect target to practice bird photography. I shot the photo in this post some weeks ago, the sunlight was not too strong, but there was decent sunlight, and I like days where it’s not too bright and not too dark. The photo was shot with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, but I cropped the image to get a little bit closer to the bird. I tried the rule of thirds composition and flipped the image horizontally, … Continue reading Common Blackbird Photograph

Blackbird 300mm Test Photo Under Bad Conditions

Above you can see a cropped image of a 300mm test shot I did take under bad weather conditions with my new 70-300mm Tamron lens. It was pretty cloudy, the ISO was bumped up to 1600, which is why the image is grainy even after using the noise reduction tool in Lightroom. Of course, the cropping makes the high ISO more apparent, but without editing it looked worse. Below I will show you the image without crop, and after that I will show you the image without crop and without changes in Lightroom. As said, the image was shot at … Continue reading Blackbird 300mm Test Photo Under Bad Conditions

Just A Common Blackbird, But Anyway…

The recent weekly photo challenge is about (Extra)ordinary things, and it took me a while to decide what kind of photo I would use for the challenge, mainly because I have all kind of photos that would fit. I eventually decided to use a photo of a common blackbird, because this summer I was pretty much into bird photography. How do I interpret the challenge or why did I choose a bird photo? I’d say certain birds are ordinary creatures, here in Germany it won’t take you much time to spot a common blackbird for example, at least in the … Continue reading Just A Common Blackbird, But Anyway…