Couch Cat

Shyna likes this place. It´s my couch and she lies there often on the backrest in the evening as I am on the couch then sometimes too. I think it´s because she can watch down to me when I do lie on my couch as well. She really likes to be near me. In the case of the couch, it is really sometimes a problem as I have to remove all the hairs and this is not easy. I do often comb her hair but she loses some anyway. Continue reading Couch Cat

Kitty is tired and shows the teeth :)

Some days ago I showed you a photo or let me say a lucky shot of Shyna when she was doing the meerkat. I think that was a funny photo. But today I will show you another great shot. It was also lucky shot. Shyna was on the couch what she really likes as it is cozy there. But when I took the photo she started to yawn and the photo above was perfect. I think I have already so many photos of Shyna on my website and it won´t stop 😀 I am not sure if she looks cute … Continue reading Kitty is tired and shows the teeth 🙂

A Cat, A Couch and all the Hair.

I like to take Photos and Videos of my Cat. I do it again and again because I like her so much. These two new Photos are made when she was relaxing on the Couch. She is allowed to do that but you see on the first Photo, it´s sometimes indeed a real mess with all the Cathairs on the Couch then. But well thats normal if you have a Cat. I often have to clean the Couch but it´s difficult to remove the Hair. I must do crew out her Hair each day because then she does not lose … Continue reading A Cat, A Couch and all the Hair.