Beautiful Small Bird

Here is the Eurasian blue tit again, I showed you photos of this species a couple of times already. The photo in this post was shot last March under bad weather conditions and after I got my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I edited the image to make it a bit brighter but sadly I also had to crop the image to show you the subject. I think there was luck involved, I just pressed the shutter button at the right time, and it’s cool that I did so before the bird flew away. My bird photo collection get bigger and bigger, … Continue reading Beautiful Small Bird

Eurasian Blue Tit On A Tree

I thought I share a photo of the Eurasian Blue Tit bird again. I shot the winter sometime during the winter. I have no idea why I shot the photo at 1/2000 of a second, maybe because I was outside to take photos of flying birds? But even then the camera setting would have been too fast. I am unhappy with the camera settings that I saw in the metadata and I wish I would have used other settings. The photo is shot at 300mm and I cropped the image to get even closer. I like the composition that I … Continue reading Eurasian Blue Tit On A Tree