The Delusion of Keyboard-Warriors And Armchair Idealists

So, this post is partly a photo post but also about something that did upset me. Some of us are a bit concerned about the increasing population of wolves in our forests. You basically have two or three factions when it’s about wolves. First there are those that are quite happy about the fact that the population is increasing. Then there are concerned people, the so-called wolf-enemies. And finally there are also people like me, aligned somewhere in the middle, thinking that you should at least keep the population of wolves at bay since there is nothing on top of … Continue reading The Delusion of Keyboard-Warriors And Armchair Idealists

Poisonous But Beautiful Plant

I shot the photo of this post a month ago in one of our local botanical gardens, the plant appeared strange but beautiful. I didn’t note the name so that I had to research today at home, and I do think this plant might be called White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda). The plant is very poisonous according to several articles I have found, and you shouldn’t eat the berries because only a few of them can already make you seriously ill, and more can cause death. So, don’t eat, just examine the beauty. Anyway, it’s a beautiful plant, isn’t it? Continue reading Poisonous But Beautiful Plant

White Paws And Claws

Above you can see again a photo of Shyna´s paws and her claws. I think I made paws and claws already several times to the subject in my blog. I like the contrast because paws are cute but claws look quite dangerous. I like to collect photos of paws and claws and I also want to use this article here to highlight my old article where I mentioned that I do think that it is cruel to declaw a cat. Continue reading White Paws And Claws

Daily Prompt: Daring Do

The Daily Prompt writes… Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail? And I do think this is the chance to highlight one of my articles from the past, which is related to a dangerous situation. I have been asked by someone to help him to commit suicide but what I did was calling help with my phone at home, as I did not have a mobile phone with me at that time. It was a shocking and horrible experience and I hope the experts were … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Daring Do

This Flower isn´t dangerous

This is a Photo of a Flower which looks somewhat dangerous. I pretty much love this Photo my Mother took. If I would be a Bug or any flying Insect, I defenetly would be afraid to approach this kind of Plant but in fact I would not need to be afraid. The Flower just looks like a carnivorous Plant. But the Flower isn´t carnivorously. 🙂 If you like, then you can see more Photos my Mother took: – A Flower which could play Music or not – Deep Inside the Flowerbed – A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs – … Continue reading This Flower isn´t dangerous